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Test Sites: an artistic inquiry relating to environmental issues

16. Oktober 2020

Anna Santomauro, Kunstvermittlerin und Forscherin, London

Anna Santomauro ist eine Kunstvermittlerin und Forscherin im Bereich Mikropolitik und sozial engagierter Kunst. Seit 2017 ist sie Kuratorin am Arts Catalyst in Sheffield, UK.

Zum Projekt

As part of the session, I would like to talk about the Arts Catalyst’s series «Test Sites»: it is an inquiry into matters of concern relating to environmental issues, such as flooding, pollution, and species loss, and their impact on local culture and the health of ecosystems and communities. At each site, we are inviting local people and groups to be part of art-centred co-inquiries, working with artists, scientists and other experts. The project aims to foster an ecology of practices, in which artists, curators, scientists, specialist experts and people with situated knowledge come together to co-produce knowledge around a shared matter of concern. How can we collectively rethink the way we engage with natural resources while democratising the relationship between the human and the non-human?



Anna Santomauro is Curator at Arts Catalyst (Sheffield, UK) since May 2017. She is curator, educator and researcher in micropolitics and socially engaged art. In 2011, Santomauro co-founded Vessel in Bari, Italy, a non-profit arts organisation dedicated to public programming in relation to contemporary social, political, and economic issues. In 2015-2016, Santomauro was ESP and Public Programmer at Eastside Projects (Birmingham). She has lectured, given talks, tutored and led workshops in several institutions and is PhD candidate at the University of Wolverhampton (UK).

Schlagworte: London, Umgang natürliche Resourcen, Umweltfragen

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