Autobiografische Fotografie – Individuelle und soziale Transformation

14. Oktober 2020

Die «Self-Portrait Experience» (SPEX) ist ein von der Künstlerin Cristina Nuñez entwickeltes Dispositiv das autobiografische Fotos und Videos nutzt, um Emotionen in Bilder zu transformieren. Ziel ist, die Wahrnehmung von sich selber und anderer zu erweitern und damit zusammenhängende Stereotypen zu dekonstruieren.

The «Self-Portrait Experience» (SPEX) is an artistic dispositive created by artist Cristina Nuñez. SPEX uses autobiographical photography and video to transform emotions and inner worlds into images. The aim and expected result is the broadening of perception of the self and others, which is a prerequisite for individual and social transformation, through the deconstruction of stigma, labels and stereotypes. Since 2008, SPEX has been extensively used by teenagers in educational contexts to work on their self-image and the construction of adult identity, to stimulate freedom of expression, authenticity and acceptance of the self.
(Podcast in Englisch)

In November 2020, SPEX offers a free online workshop for teachers, students and teacher educators.

Beteiligt: Cristina Nuñez, Claudia Stübi

Schlagworte: Autobiografie, Fotografie, Stereotypen

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